The eazy.templates.Template object provides a number of tools for working with population synthesis templates, e.g., from FSPS.

Templates integrated through filter bandpasses

Redshift-dependent templates

Additional functionality

Smoothing and resampling…

The “Template Error Function”


eazy.templates Module


read_templates_file([templates_file, as_dict])

Read templates listed in templates_file.

load_phoenix_stars([logg_list, teff_list, ...])

Load Phoenix stellar templates

bspline_templates(wave[, degree, df, ...])

B-spline basis functions, modeled after patsy.splines

gaussian_templates(wave[, centers, widths, norm])

Make Gaussian "templates" for the template correction


TemplateError([file, arrays, ...])

Template error function with spline interpolation at arbitrary redshift.

Template([file, name, arrays, sp, meta, ...])

Template object.

Redden([model, Av])

Wrapper function for dust_attenuation and dust_extinction reddening laws

ModifiedBlackBody([Td, beta, q, alpha])

Modified black body: nu**beta * BB(nu, Td) + FIR-radio correlation